Nami Petgar


Nami Petgar was born in Tehran in 1945.  Initially, his paintings followed the realistic traditions of his father, and master, Ali Asghar Petgar.

 In 1965, he established his own painting and drawing academy in Tehran.  He still continues to instruct a few select, and highly talented, individuals in his private classes.

 Shortly after the victory of the Islamic Revolution, the realistic styles of his landscapes tended away from the lyrical naturalization towards more abstract compositions and his figurative works diverted towards symbolic expressions symbolic expressions along oriental and lyrical moods.  These characteristics features distinguish his oil paintings from western figurative styles.

 Nami has traveled extensively throughout his country and his works have been influenced by both the geographic diversity and the harmony of pure colors evident in the country’s handicrafts.  He also learnt a great deal about classical and modern European art from his travels to Rome, the Vatican, Florence and Paris in 1978.  Despite these influences, Nami never lost his Persian experiential perspective and sensual perceptive style.

 He has drawn upon his experiences of lecturing at various universities and teaching at his own academy to express the validity of images of humanistic and spiritualistic vision as expressed through art and has published a number of articles on this subject.

 Nami has also presented a number of television programs regarding the interpretation of the history of art, where he has explored the subject from novel perspectives.

 Nami has participated in most of his country’s art exhibitions and his own private exhibitions continue to attract large numbers of visitors representing many different social strata.  Some of the many significant exhibitions in which Nami has taken part include the following.

 1965    Middle Eastern Artists’ Exhibition, held at the Turkish Embassy in Tehran.

1967     An Exhibition of Contemporary Artists, at the New Exhibition Hall of the Museum of Ancient Iran.

1974     Exhibition of the Followers of the Kamal-Al-Molk School, at the Mehrshah Gallery

1976     An Exhibition of Three Famous Realist Painters, at the Takht-e-Jamshid Gallery

1985     Contemporary Iranian Artists Exhibition, at the Niavaran Cultural Center

1989     An Exhibition of Contemporary Iranian Artists, at the Museum of Contemporary Art

1992     Expressions of Iranian Art Exhibition, at the Museum of Contemporary Arts

1991-2000         Exhibited at every one of the “Biennial Art Exhibitions”

 Throughout the last twenty years, Nami Petgar has held many private and public exhibitions from the different periods of his work.