Entre Guillemet

Entre Guillemet

Entre Guillemet

Meshkat Meshkatian
27 Dec 2019
06 Jan 2020

This collection takes a look at the unknown aspect of the world created by the humans at a glance, that is, as the aspect that may not be controlled. It takes a look at the evolving artificial intelligence originating from digital technology where the increase in the humans’ dependency on and correlation with this man-made technology is certainly worrisome. This is a thought-provoking issue that has weakened the attention to the nebulous degrees of present and future damage for in it seems that we have not been able to use it consciously and in a managed way considering the magical speed of this type of technology. When I was working, I pose an ancient question to our smart virtual audience in the form of a monologue:

Some of us have been left behind

Some have been slaves like the blind

Some of us are pleased and drunk of a kind

And have let wine dominate our mind

While being thoughtfully twined

I think, “Now, are we to find the victory to us inclined?”

I really become tired when I think. I want to be, alone. I only want to exist, the cost of it is no object, and it is not the rest of the story with you, but it is the whole story with you.

Take me to the labyrinth of your intertwined wires.

The place where I neither have any thought nor any lethargy.

Thus, now you are the victorious on both of our minds.

Meshkat Meshkatian

January, 2020