from dry-river to don-river

from dry-river to don-river

from dry-river to don-river

soheila tavallaei
14 Dec 2018
24 Dec 2018

From Dry -River to Don -River

This body of work portrays sights that I have seen throughout my travels from Iran to Canada. The process begins with a photograph, which provides a point of reference. The photograph was valued for its compositional elements; the arrangement of forms and spaces. Paintings flow organically from imagination, merging reality and illusion, demonstrated by exaggerated pink skies and red mountains. I achieve excitement in my compositions by employing movement and perception of depth. I’ve always been interested in exploring the vital realm of feelings, desires and life energies.

Nearing the end of this series, I’ve come across a new beginning: a vast place where urban and rural landscapes combine and merge. I aim to obtain the mystery of interconnectedness within the boundless spaces that surround me.

From East to West

From natural to industrial

From within-outward

From cradle to grave

All is suffering,

Seldom joy and enthusiasm

A short journey, passing slowly

The present, underappreciated

Wandering amongst forms and colours,

Grasp oneness; waves and particles

Tension of light and dark

Vibration of colour and sound

To see the eternal dance of life and death