Dialectic deep inside

Dialectic deep inside

Dialectic deep inside

Vahid Heshmati
09 Dec 2016
19 Dec 2016

Dialectic deep inside

Cross-cultural mixing and references is inevitable. In other word

East & West Parallel Flow,Tradition & modernity,and not hostile

paradoxical contrast between these two. My present medium

Canvas and paint is an effort to express this entanglement of

.indigenous thinking with contemporary Painting style

,Jumble between tradition & modernity or to put it more desirable,

contemporaneity, Vacuum and public together, Verbosity and

Silence, Irregularities and discipline, the designs that Sometimes

,are featured but not embossed and are sometimes scratched

Conscious deformation occurrence in order to reproduce familiar

elements.An attempt to the use of color and visual elements with

Iranian nature devoid of Persian painting precaution and imitation

looks abstract harmonic with contemporary painting style and with

painterly action.That incidentally, save work of art Potentiality for

.audience paraphrase

Provenance of works ahead is overthinking and cluttered mind

that apart from satisfying his sense of his painterly looking for

illuminationt for Catharsis and enjoy philosophizing.

Vahid Heshmati