Gizela Sinaei


Born in Hungary, studied at Vienna’s “Akademie fur Angewandte Kunst” Living in Iran since 1967 as active artist, she has had several one-man and group exhibitions in Iran, P akistan, Turkey, Europe, the USA, Canada, China, and Dubai.



1968    Modern Art Gallery,Tehran

1969    Modern Art Gallery, Tehran

1973      Iran America Society,Tehran

1974      Lautrec Gallery,Tehran

1977    Khaneh Aftab Gallery,Tehran

1980    Gallery Aia, Vienna (Blind Dolls)

1981    Café Museum, Vienna (Blind Dolls)

1986      Echo of Silence,Tehran

1989      Gallery Golestan, Tehran

1992      Gallery Golestan, Tehran

1994  Gallery Gollestan, Tehran

1995    Gallery Gollestan, Tehran


GROUPE EXHIBITIONS (from 1977-1999):

1977      Modern Art Gallery ,Tehran

1978    Khneh Aftab Gallery,Tehran

1984      Niavaran Cultural Center,Tehran

1985    Niavaran Cultural Center,Tehran

1987          Museum of Contemporary Arts,Tehran

1988      Museum of Contemporary Arts,Tehran

1981  Café Museum,Vinna (Blind Dolls)

1989    Seyhoon Gallery,Tehran

1990    Pafar Gallery,Tehran

1999    Museum of Contemporary Arts,Tehran

1989    Azin Gallery, Tehran

1990    Meuseum of Contemporary Arts.Tehran

(For the benefit of the victims of the eartquake, Northern Iran)

1990 Afrand Gallery ,Tehran

1990 Museum of Contemporary Arts,Tehran

1991    Classic Gallery, Tehran

      (Encyclopedia Exhibition of the Children’s Book Council of Iran)

1991     Biennial Exhibition of Iranian Painters

1991 Basel,Switzerland

1991 New York.USA

1991 Azadi Cultural Center,Tehran

1991 Afrand Gallery, Tehran

1993 Brussels,Bekgium

1994 Second Biennial Exhibition of Iranian Painter

1994 Gallery Bamdad,Tehran

1994 Gallery Hakin Nezami,Tehran

1995 Gallery  Sa’ad Abad,Tehran

1996 Gallery Ebn Sina, Tehran

1997 Biennial Exhibition of Iranian Painters

1997 China Art Exposition

1999 Manifestation of Feeling,Niavaran Cultural,Tehran

1999 Greatest Iranian Contemporary Painting Auction of the year