Giti Fatourehchi


Gity Fatourehchi
Guity, like her inspirers, Gauguin and Cézanne, stepped in the world of paintings from a different walk of life and at youth too.After she attended art school in Saarbrucken, Germany and Graduated in Fabric Design, she traveled extensively throughout Europe, and canvassed art museums of Germany, France, and Italy. When felt acquainted with various styles, Guity, then in her mid 20’s, returned to her native Iran, married her husband and began to focus her energies on painting and drawing.She soon joined Petgar Art Institute of Tehran, and advanced her academics with concentrated efforts in post-impressionism, to portray her novel vision, creative mind, and unique style; she had something to say. Her talents manifested in her first exhibition at Petgar Art Center, Tehran, 1986. Her still-life paintings, inspired by the pictorial values of Gauguin, and Cézanne, drew considerable attention.She later on joined friends in collective exhibitions as well, though, she liked to indulge in fantasies. In her Paul Gauguin advanced studies, she noticed his objection to the urbanization fever, which drove him to the South Seas, in search of primitive innocence of the humans. Guity, likes children stories, One Thousand One Nights, and has affection for antique Persian Miniature paintings. She is invigorated by scenes, colors, and magic, of imaginative Persian conceptualization of the universe. Influenced by the ancient Persian mentality, “remembering the lost, but not forgotten Eden”, she is fascinated by the magic of imaginary and myth of compound beings.In light of these inclinations, Guity shapes her own style, mixing the magic of a shamanistic Gnosticism with the innocence of children’s imaginative paintings. She finds asylum in the memories reminiscence of her native, and creates animated scenes filled with plants, animals, colorful rocks, and floating clouds, to produce a visual presentation of subconscious mind.Her primitivism, along with a kind of Surrealism, entails beauty, insight, and incantation, persuades the viewers to daydreaming.The characters of her paintings are sometimes like Adam & Eve, and some other times like ardent lovers having escaped from civilization and taken refuge in the forest. The richness of color in her oil paintings, takes us sightseeing, in a medium where story, dream, and nature, are decorated with inlaid joy, innocence, humor, and visual pleasure.Guity’s works have been viewed in a handful of exhibitions for twenty years…

Petgar Art Center …   1986
Sheikh Gallery…   1986
Petgar Art Center…   1987
Azadi Cultural & Art Collections… 1991
Sabz Gallery    1993
Darya Baigee Gallery   1995
Sabz Gallery, individual exhibition 1999
Zand Gallery, Dubai   2001
Elahe Gallery, individual exhibition 2006