Bijan Nemati Sharif


1947- Born in Tehran

1973- Graduated from Art Faculty of Tehran University.

1975- Worked in the Puppet theatre center “The institute for the intellectual development of children and young adults.” Desinged and made over 46 puppets and masks of puppet theatre and television and other centers.


Design and making of the masks and puppets for the plays.

a.                  Aria Dakapo

b.                 Everything in its proper time

c.                 Radish and grandfather

d.                 Inspector II

e.                  6 young crow and one fox

f.                   Reproduction of puppets of Marionet theatre of Iran which some of them are sent to Museum of old-fashioned puppets in Philadephia.

g.                 Green journey

 1990- Travel to Taiwan to 3rd international puppet theatre festival of the Asian-Pacific.

-                     Teaching in different cultural centers and universities in Iran from 1981-1999

-                     Beginning of paintings works from 1990