Elahe Keshavarz


 Elahe Keshavarz

Born: 1981 in Shiraz
Course of Study: Graphics - Painting
Campus: Shahid Rajaee University - Al-Zahra University
Field of activity: Painting - Sculpture - Photography - Graphic
Records :

   Artistic Selection of Shahid Rajaei University.

 Winner of Graffiti Competitions (Municipality of Shiraz District One) 2011.

 Selected 9th Tehran International Animation Festival 2014.

Attend the first Iranian Art Economics Conference at the Academy of Art and receive an Entrepreneurial License from the National Training and Management Center at the National Level.

exhibitions :

 Holding a group exhibition of posters and volumes in the gallery of Shahid Rajaee University 2010.

 Group Painting Exhibition in Behzad Gallery. Holding solo painting exhibition in Behzad Gallery.

 Group painting exhibition of union of artists of Armenia - 2015.

 Group Exhibition of Paintings (Near Perspective) Gallery of Yunus Amara Cultural Center Embassy of Turkey in Tehran 2016.

 Group exhibition of sculpture (100 works by 100 artists) in Golestan Gallery 2019.