parviz heidarzade


Parviz Heidarzadeh: Born on November 27, 1335, Shirin Palace
Bachelor of Visual Arts from the Faculty of Fine Arts, Tehran University - 1988
Master degree in painting from the Faculty of Arts and Architecture of Islamic Azad University, 1995
educational experience:
Member of the faculty of art and architecture of Islamic Azad University since 1996
Teaching Art Design and Painting at the Faculty of Arts, Sura, Royan Noshahr, Faculty of Fine Arts, University of Tehran

Conducting several individual and group exhibitions, including the 1997 Siyhound Gallery, Gallery 7 Safar (Individual 1376), Shahnameh Gallery, Contemporary Art Museum, House of Artists of Iran, Saba Academy, Mellat Tower, Milad Tower, Imam Ali Museum, Tower of Azadi Museum, Complex Niavaran Cultural Center, Poetry Gallery, Gallery Bridge, ..., Miting Gallery in Lisbon, Portugal.
Designing and illustrating books for children and adolescents for the intellectual development center for children and adolescents from 1363 to 1374, publishing the horizons, Amir Kabir, Moin, the organization of textbooks, publishing of the day and ....

The First Prize of Monumental Paintings of the Wall Painting, in the Biennale of Tehran's Wall Mural (May 2013)
Special Award and Award of Fame at the Entrepreneurs Festival of the Urban Space Arts Section (2008)
Artistic activities and positions:
Designer, Planner and Jury member of the First and Second Contemporary Designer Exhibitions in Tehran Art Gallery (1998 and 2009)
Designing and designing a method for creating wall artworks in the subway department of the 1997/1996 / Designing and planning of the Art Council of the Wall Painting in Tehran's Aesthetic Organization (1999) and its member of the artistic council of the organization in several periods.
Chairman of the Committee on Painting and Environmental Design of the Iranian Painters Association (92-91)
Secretary of the Urban Arts Education Congregation for Members of the Iranian Painters Association at the House of Artists (Spring 2013)
Honorary Member of the Iranian Painters Association 2012
Speech at Ferdowsi Hall of the University of Mashhad on "Wall Painting and its Wall Influences" (2011)
Speech at the House of Artists on Wall Painting in Urban Space (1392)
Painting lectures at the Painting Group Exhibition in Milad Tower (1396)

Design and implementation of wall paintings:
Design and implementation of the wall painting project of civilizations dialogue in the size of 90 square meters on Shahid Chamran highway 2001 / - Painting of the walls of the Metro station (Harvkard Square and Vali Asr Cross), 1997-1998 - Wall painting with mosaic technique in the Ministry of Oil ground floor hall 2002 - The Wall Painting of the Central Mellat Bank with the Embossed Pottery Design of the Year 1382 - The Wall Painting of the Ground Floor of the Central Building of Dana Insurance Company 2006 - The Wall Painting of the Faculty of Arts and Architecture of Islamic Azad University (Screening House) 2005 - The Wall Painting of the Gymnasium of the Islamic Swimming Pool Federation Iran and Asia (Shahid Shiroodi Stadium) 2005 - Designing, implementing and installing the Asian Insurance Company at the intersection of Khy Ban Sepahbod Qarani and Ayatollah Taleghani 1385- Designing and implementation of a gable porcelain embossed for the construction of Jian Avenue (Africa Avenue) 2007 - Designing and implementing a mosaic volumetric design in a size of about 500 square meters with a municipality logo pond in Kowsar Park 2010- The construction of a wall workshop on the ground floor of the Milad Tower, 2011 - Designing and implementing a 400-meter long wall painting of Simorgh (Bridge of Noahbar-Aggol). 1392 - Designing and implementing a volume chamber, Dr. Gholam Hossein Yousefi, installed at the House of Artists of Mashhad. 1391 - Design and execution of inscriptions. The role of the educational building of the University of Guilan, 1393. And some others in recent years to date.

Research records:
He has written more than 10 articles in the field of wall painting and its application in interior and environmental environments including Hammshahri, Jamagh, Iran and Surre School, and the School of Arts and Architecture of Islamic Azad University, the author of the 12th part of the program "Painting Techniques" The Wall of Iran and the World "for voice and television network 2 spring 2002 / Master's Guide to numerous graduate theses and master's degree in painting and wall painting.