Reza Bangiz

Born: 1938 – Tehran

Graduate: College of fine ArtsTehran

Group exhibitions:

All Biennials of Tehran

International exhibition – Tokyo

International exhibition, LiegeBelgium

Group exhibition of Iranian Artists, Paris – France

One – man exhibitions:

1. TabrizAhvazAbadan and Masjid Soleyman – Iran

2. Mess Gallery – Tehran

3. Borgese Gallery – Tehran

4. Sullivan GalleryTehran


1. Winner of the second Biennial of Tehran

2. Ministry of Art and Culture Gold Medal

3. Third Tehran Biennial


1. Ministry of Art and Culture for one year – England

2. Minister of Art and Culture for three months

3. Scholarship of National oil Company of Iran

4. H.I.M. the Shahbanoo Farah’s scholarship to Paris for one year.